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The value we provide is unmatched.  Highly trained along with experience in the tourism industry, our staff will always provide the best results. 

We offer our services within Chiang Mai and its surrounding areas. 

Services Description

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Handyman Services | 

Aircon Cleaning

There's no job too small for us.  Just let us know exactly what you need or the result that you require and we'll get it done for you. 

We also clean your aircon units (inside unit & outdoor compressor).  

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Deep Clean

A deeper clean, recommended at least once a quarter (3 months).  Includes a General Clean + dusting ceilings/walls, "hard-to-reach" areas, non-daily contact surfaces, clean under furniture, disinfect carpet, rugs, and upholstery. 

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Move In / Move Out Package

Recommended for getting your home ready for the next tenant.  Includes dusting, vacuuming and mopping of floors, full cleaning of the kitchen, bathroom, toilets, dusting ceilings/walls, "hard-to-reach" areas, clean under furniture, disinfect carpet, rugs, upholstery and all "high-touch" surfaces. 



All prices quoted are in THB (Thai Baht).  Brackets denote an approximate number of hours to complete the job. 


Depending on the size of your property, up to 3 housekeepers may be assigned so you can save time and money.   

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Handyman Services &

Aircon Cleaning

Sliding Door, Fly Screen Repairs

Doors & Door Knob Repairs

Light Fittings (New Or Old Sets)

Toilet & Bathroom Leaks

Flooring Repairs & Installation

Shelf Installation

Electrical Powerpoint & Switch Installation

Aircon (Indoor Unit & Compressor)

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Deep Clean

Condo-1-BR | ≤40m2 | 3 hrs               980

Condo-1-BR | ≤ 50m2 | 4 hrs            1200 

Condo-2-BR | ≤ 80m2 | 5 hrs            1500

Condo-3-BR | ≤ 100m2 | 6 hrs          1890

1F-House--3-BR | ≤100m2 | 6.5 hrs    2590

2F-House-4-BR | ≤ 200m2 | 7.5 hrs    3490

3F-House ≥ 5--BR | >200m2 | 8hrs     3990 

Prices may vary due to pets, heavy soiling/stains, etc. 

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Move In / Move Out Package

Deep Clean

Handyman Services


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